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About Us

We are a recruitment and staffing agency with a focus on multilingual jobs for the customer agent and tech sectors. Speakit started in the summer of 2019 with a vision to find talents and connect them with job opportunities all around Europe.

To start with, speakit strives for excellence both towards their candidates and their clients, by cooperating with multinational companies such as Webhelp, Teleperformance, Ttec, Salescode,  e-value and 24-7 in touch.

Our main priority is our candidates’ experience! With the utmost respect to your needs & aspirations, we guide you through the whole process and help you take the next step in your career.

We give you the opportunity to live new experiences, meet new people, and develop new skills. We have created a European multilingual community, consisting of candidates, clients, and partners that share the same values & interests. Career development, traveling & exploring new lands, is what freedom means to us.

We strive for excellence both towards our candidates and our clients, by cooperating with multinational companies that are leaders in their field and entail an employer of choice for our candidates.

Speakit Values

We do not just understand the language of recruitment, we Speakit


We ensure that every decision made is based on thoroughly ethical and moral principles. Trust, honor and honesty are key elements to the concept of our integrity.


We assist you in finding your next job quickly & efficiently. We work to make things easy for you.


We are passionate because we love what we do; and we love supporting people find their next job and companies attract top talents.


We build every relationship on trust; candidates trust us and we trust our clients. But above all, we trust that our team will do its best to deliver an excellent experience to both sides.


We respect your every single need and we try to cover it, regardless of race, color, gender, age, and sex.

Meet Our Team

We do not just understand the language of recruitment, we Speakit

Sofia Acheimastou

Recruitment Consultant

Marios Kourousias

Recruitment Consultant

Kostantinos Drachmanis

HR Manager

Vasia Petraki

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Dimitra Kilafi

Recruitment Consultant

Giorgos Spathis

Recruiment Manager

Mary Veneti

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Dimitris Soldatos

Managing Director

Michalis Koubenas

Recruitment Consultant

Elli Nikolaou

Payroll Specialist

Eleftheria Tsaknaki

Recruitment Consultant

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At Speakit job’s, we’re committed to creating a better future for our people and partners through the power of recruitment.