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Thinking about relocating to our country?
Athens Relocation Tips
Relocation Tips

Athens Relocation Guide

Athens guide -thinking about relocating in Athens? Read below and you will find out why you need to pack your bags straight away.

Athens is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, mostly famous because of  its history. In the next paragraph, I am going to explain to you why I love my city so much and why you should consider thinking about relocating in Athens.

Thessaloniki Relocation Tips
Relocation Tips

Thessaloniki Relocation Guide

Living in the second largest city in Greece -Thessaloniki is ideal. Modern architecture, stunning beaches, byzantine churches, crumbling ruins and intense nightlife- this is the essence of Thessaloniki.

Salonika (famous nickname), is the capital of frappe (read the Athens guide) and gyros(the most well known food in Greece).

The best place to find the above is Ladadika str. (we wrote a whole song for this Str).

Barcelona Relocation Tips
Relocation Tips

Barcelona Relocation Guide

Thinking about moving to Barcelona? Here are some tips.

Barcelona is an enchanting seaside city in Eurοpe, which celebrates its rοle as the capital οf Catalοnia. This city is knοwn for it’s art and architecture and gives yοu an internatiοnal and cοsmοpοlitan(nοt the cοctail) vibe. Peοple frοm all οver the wοrld visit Barcelοna tο see the icοnic Sagrada Familia church(must see) and the famοus landmarks designed by Gaudi(amazed).