Relocation tips

Relocation tips

Some relocation tips 

The choice has been made… You are moving!

A new chapter in your life is about to begin! Are you ready? 

Below you will find some advice from us, to help you a bit with your next step 🙂

1. Expect to be challenged

Let’s face it. Moving and settling in a new country can be challenging. You should be prepared to dare your adaptability and calmness, and even test yourself emotionally. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be like that, but always think of the things that you are gaining from this experience!

2. Research your relocation destination thoroughly

Getting informed about the cultural differences and the functions of the country you are  relocating to, can make your transitioning days much easier. Learning about the weather, the different areas in the city and which are the busiest ones, the transportation services and also the unspoken rules of the city, could help you blend in. If you know anyone from the place you intend to relocate to, ask them about their country. They can give you some advice on how to make the move. Do not hesitate to ask your future co-workers once you have accepted a job. Facebook groups, Reddit, or forums related to your potential new home city can also be a useful resource.

4. Figure out the cost of living

It is important to know your expenses to calculate your budget.

We will soon post a thorough relocation guide containing everything you need to know.Stay tuned!

5. Be open to learning new things

It is really important to let yourself loose in order to enjoy this experience. You will come face to face with completely new possibilities in every aspect of your life. New food, new personalities, new activities, new ways of working and a new way of life in general. You should give people, friends and colleagues, the space they need to express and maybe influence you for the better! Don’t be picky and uncompromising, Live a little! 

6. Build social connections 

Seize any opportunity to network! You can make new friends, which could last for a lifetime and broaden your work circle, leading to future partnerships. 

This will make your staying so much easier, happy and fulfilling! 

7.Keep doing the things you love

You can find ways of maintaining your existing hobbies and routines, to help you keep sane, while you adjust to your new surroundings. Your mental health and everyday happiness is really important. Work-life balance helps your professionalism and productivity, while keeping you creative and stable. From knitting to rock climbing, we are sure you will find the way! 

8. Keep in touch with those at home

Although your stay can be thrilling, and you will be drawn into all the new people you’ll meet and all the places you’ll be introduced to, you shouldn’t lose contact with your people back home. They are happy for you, but pick up the phone when mama is calling..

And of course…. Have fun with it! These are the experiences that are going to follow you for the rest of your life!

Get in touch with the Speakit team today to find all the job opportunities and live the relocation experience now!

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