about us

About us

At Speakit, we embark on a journey to elevate the experience for both clients and candidates.  Our quest is to deliver an authentic, comprehensive,  and tailor-made recruitment service rooted in our deeply personal approach.

We work in a collaborative environment, sharing our resources and expertise

Our expertise lies in forming alliances with RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and BPO providers. We adeptly place skilled individuals in permanent roles across human resources, technology, media marketing, finance, and operations.

Setting sail in 2019, our expedition has charted remarkable growth over the years, while we have remained close to our clients, keeping our team tight and well-connected to the marketplace. We ensure our clients are introduced to the best talent to meet their needs.

Our Journey
Speakit is born

And so it begins, laying the foundation for a groundbreaking recruitment experience.

Establishment of ForPeople

Speakit establishes valuable collaborations and partnerships, strengthening its position in the industry.
The establishment of the ForPeople company enhances its service range by incorporating new payroll services, marking a diversification milestone when compared to competitors.

Speakit becomes No1 provider for all BPO companies in Greece

Speakit’s growth continues, catering to a diverse global audience and expanding its language portfolio. It becomes No1 provider for all BPO companies in Greece.

Implementation of "imployee"

The Speakit team expands significantly, welcoming new talents and expertise, reaching a team of more than 30 members and serving more than 18 languages. 

October 2022: Differentiation from other companies with the inception of iemployee, a project that sets Speakit apart from its competitors by recruiting talents across Europe.

Opening of new offices in Portugal

April 2023: Innovating in work culture, Speakit introduces a progressive 4-day workweek model in Greece, prioritizing employee well-being.

July 2023: Speakit opens new offices in Portugal, further broadening its reach.


The Speakit team is geared up for another year of adventure, growth, and maybe a few unexpected parties. Stay tuned for a rollercoaster of achievements and laughter as we continue to redefine recruitment experiences across Europe. Here's to making 2024 the most memorable chapter yet!

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Our Values
Unity and Collaboration

Embrace teamwork to build a strong and united multilingual community
in Europe.

Diversity and Inclusion

Foster an environment that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion, connecting individuals from various backgrounds.

Creativity and Innovation

Encourage a culture of creativity and innovation to drive impactful career growth and create unique solutions for stakeholders.


Commit to delivering high-quality connections between top-tier companies and exceptional talent, contributing to the overall success of businesses.

Efficiency and Seamlessness

Prioritize efficiency and seamless talent connections to enhance the workplace experience.

Ethics and Honesty

Uphold the highest ethical standards and honesty in all interactions and relationships.

Our Vision

Forge a strong multilingual community in Europe by efficiently connecting top-tier companies with exceptional talent to foster impactful career growth.


We aim to contribute to the growth and success of businesses by helping them build high-performing teams. Our commitment extends
to providing a seamless and efficient experience for all stakeholders, turning Europe into a unified 'one-place-to-work' office.

Our Mission


We are dedicated to achieving excellence in online recruitment by placing a strong emphasis on positive candidate experiences, skill development, and providing diverse opportunities across Europe.


We are committed to continual improvement in every facet of our operations, focusing on enhancing candidate sourcing, refining screening techniques and evaluations, and ensuring high levels of client satisfaction. 


As pioneers in talent recruitment, we are dedicated to introducing innovative, faster, and candidate-focused procedures.

Our Culture

In our expedition, we believe the unique passions, determination, and expertise of each colleague drive our success. Embracing diverse perspectives, we recognize their impact on our clients, candidates, and company.

Photo of the company

We foster a supportive environment where continuous learning and clear processes help everyone thrive. Sharing knowledge, supporting each other, and celebrating victories, our collaborative spirit fuels our vision to become the top recruitment company in Europe.

Why work with us?
Extensive Network

Job opportunities
for more than 18 languages

Affiliate Network

Cooperation with more than 50 prominent multinational enterprises in the fields of travel, technology, online banking etc.

Tailored Approach

Unique recruitment approach for each company, tailored to each candidate.

Speed and Efficiency

You can get hired with just one click!

Industry Expertise

Number 1 partner for BPO companies 

Proven Track Record

More than 3k candidates
have been hired since 2019!