2023 wrap up: A year full of successes and Speakit adventures

2023 wrap up: A year full of successes and Speakit adventures

Hey there, Speakit friends!👋

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive the epic moments that made 2023 unforgettable for Speakiters. From crazy achievements to hilarious events, this wrap-up is all about celebrating the highs, surviving the lows, and having a blast along the way. ✨

High-Five Moments: Our teams’ hitting their goals

We always try to reward our incredible team! From smashing crazy targets to achieving personal milestones, each win was a reason to celebrate and acknowledge. Here at Speakit, we know how to do it right – by offering our teams the opportunity to travel! Upon reaching a target, team members are entitled to choose and visit a country of their preference.

Speakiters on trips

Feel-good vibes: Speakit’s bonding adventures

We’re not just about business, we’re about spreading good vibes too! 🥳
Here is just a peak from our bonding events

Team Fun: Speakit’ s Got Talent

Speakiters are more than just colleagues, we’re an extraordinary, fun-loving team. We kept the good vibes rolling throughout the year with inside jokes, team outings, and maybe a dance-off or two. 🕺

Innovation Talk: Speakit keeps it fresh in the Business world

Wondering how we stayed ahead of the game?
We remained at the forefront of innovation. 💡
From applying the four-day work week to staying hip and happening in the ever-evolving world of recruitment, Speakit earned well-deserved recognition.

New Offices in Portugal 

In 2023, SpeakIt expanded its horizons with brand new offices in Portugal! This exciting venture allowed us to spread our wings and connect with even more talent across borders.🗺️

Our team in Portugal 🤩

As we leave 2023, Speakit wants to shout out a massive “Thank you” to our team, clients, partners, and anyone who added some sparkle to our year. Here’s to the laughs, the wins, the lessons, and the wild ride that was 2023.
Let’s make 2024 even more epic! 🎉✨

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