Speakit Triumphs Abroad || Team Celebrates Success in Europe

Speakit Triumphs Abroad || Team Celebrates Success in Europe

In the fast-paced world of business, celebrating achievements and setting new goals is essential for fostering a positive and motivated team culture…Of course, this is exactly what Speakit believes in! 

Celebrating success is at the heart of our positive work culture at Speak It. Recognizing the hard work and dedication of our employees is a fundamental part of our company values. As we applaud the achievements of the teams, we extend our sincere congratulations to each member. Beyond individual accomplishments, we cherish the collective celebration that brings our teams closer. 

Today, we shine a spotlight on two of our recruitment teams— the Nordic team that embarked on a journey to Sweden and the German team that went on an adventure in Austria. Over the past three months, these teams have demonstrated unwavering dedication, teamwork, and innovation, resulting in remarkable goal achievements that deserve celebration.

Nordic Team’s Adventure in Sweden:

The team helping Nordic speakers find job opportunities recently went to Sweden! Amidst beautiful landscapes and inspired by Sweden’s culture of efficiency and innovation, the team explored the backgrounds of some candidates. Over the past 3 months, they not only met but surpassed their targets through collaboration. The team’s synergy not only overcame challenges but also lifted them to new heights. 🚀

What did the team say: 

Marina S. “This bonus trip was not just a getaway, it was a great opportunity to connect with my colleagues and share an amazing experience with them. We enjoyed every minute of the trip, exploring the Scandinavian culture and history with genuine warmth. Everything was perfectly booked by the company setting our convenience as a priority. Can’t wait for our next trip!”

Tamara “Very nice experience. Great opportunity to bond and know a bit better every team member, outside work conditions, and to learn more about the country and culture of people with whom we speak every day (candidates from Nordic countries etc.). Also, a nice way to celebrate great results and feel appreciated for daily effort and work, it is a whole experience that for sure stays in your memory, way better than some mug or object award😊 ”

Andriani “This trip allowed us not only to get to know better the Swedish culture and its people with whom we communicate every day but to build stronger connections with each other and create memories that we will remember for a lifetime! The shared moments, laughter, and experiences of this trip have undoubtedly contributed to a more collaborative and supportive work environment.”

Fani “The trip exceeded my expectations to a great extent! We all had a great time together, exploring different aspects of ourselves, rather than “typical” colleagues in a working shared environment. Definitely, it was a trip that I will forever remember and I am looking forward to the next upcoming ones! I mostly feel glad that I have created such a strong relationship with my team and I am sure that this will help holistically in our everyday working life.”

German Team’s Triumph in Austria:

Meanwhile, the team dedicated to assisting German speakers in finding job opportunities in Greece, as a reward for their goal achievement visited Austria!

The German team’s success was marked by meticulous planning, adaptability, and strong camaraderie. Trust and mutual respect were the cornerstones of their success, fostering a positive work atmosphere that propelled them toward their goals.🎯

What did the team say: 

Nefeli “Our team’s quarter success became a cornerstone for collective achievement and the bonus trip to Vienna elevated the celebration to new heights. The scenic beauty of Christmas Vienna mirrored the team’s accomplishments, creating an atmosphere of shared pride and motivation. As we explored the city’s cultural treasures and indulged in festive cheer, the trip catalyzed renewed enthusiasm and collaboration. The experience not only rewarded past efforts but also fueled a collective drive for future success. The bonds forged during the trip infused us with a sense of unity and purpose, laying the foundation for sustained excellence and motivated endeavors back in the workplace. With its blend of history and holiday spirit, Vienna left an indelible mark on us, inspiring us to reach greater heights together. We cannot wait to travel together again and succeeding at SpeakIt can easily guarantee it. Thank you!” 

Maria “I’m sure our trip to Vienna was the perfect chance to create memories that we will all remember. I was stunned by the majestic architecture, the historical sights, and the Christmassy festive vibe that made every moment special. However, the highlight of this trip, apart from all those dazzling Christmas decorations and the enchanting traditions, was definitely our laughs, our endless wanderings around the city in the freezing cold, and the joy that we brought everywhere…even in the subway! This trip was one of my first European adventures that came as the most suitable reward for our accomplishments. I couldn’t be more grateful for the chance to explore with such an amazing team!”

Marianna “What an extraordinary experience it was! Exploring Vienna with my colleagues was an amazing experience. Not only did we dive into the city’s culture, but we also made stronger bonds outside the office. From snowball fights to exploring museums and diving into Vienna’s vibrant nightlife, every moment was a treasure of joy. The architecture? Simply breathtaking! And those Christmas Markets? Pure magic! We were like kids again at Prater Luna Park, and we enjoyed every moment. A big shout-out to Speakit for making this unforgettable journey possible. Here’s to more laughter, more adventures, and countless memories.”

Anna Maria “It was a really nice and rewarding experience! First of all, this trip gave us the opportunity to spend time as a team outside of work and to get to know each other better. We had the chance to explore new places, try new food, and create new memories together. Christmas-decorated Vienna was magnificent, and I deeply appreciate this rewarding policy of Speakit, it’s incredibly fulfilling and motivational!”

Myrto “After achieving our Q’s goal, our team decided to visit Vienna. A great experience took place there; at Christmas, everything there is decorated as if you were in a fairy tale, with its cobbled streets, superbly decorated architectural buildings, and fantastic attractions. We visited the well-known palace Belvedere which had snow all over its yard, the art museum Albertina with creations of Monet, Picasso, and other artists, as well as the famous luna park of Prater. We spent a lot of time walking inside the city, tasting also the traditional Vienna’s drinks and foods. A huge thank you to Speakit that awarded us with this gift that brought me closer to my colleagues by spending 4 wonderful days in a magical place.”

Dincho “Our trip to Vienna was awesome! Beyond exploring the cool city and making new memories, it also made us think about how far we’ve come together as a team. For me, this trip was not only about having fun, it was a “kind reminder” of our achievements! Next Stop…who knows? Sky is the limit!!!”

Alexandros “Our trip was a blast!! It was something that we all needed in order to rest after a long effort. But we didn’t… Though a very good chance for the team to bond even more. We visited museums we drank gluhwines we experienced the nightlife of Vienna, we were walking, and walking..and walking. We visited also many Christmas markets and in the last one, with great success, we entered the zone ice skating rink. We started to anticipate that Christmas was near. Great time with great people around you. Wholesome experience! What more can you ask?!”

The teams’ adventures demonstrate that when teams unite with a shared vision, embrace diversity, and foster a culture of excellence, they can achieve remarkable goals. Let this celebration serve as a reminder of the incredible potential that lies within our teams and the limitless possibilities that await when we work together toward a common purpose. Cheers to the Nordic and German teams for their outstanding accomplishments!

Our teams unite not only as colleagues but as friends, building a strong foundation for continued success. This celebration underscores that at Speak It, we value not just the goals achieved, but also the relationships and connections that thrive within our team.

Cheers to the next trips!🎉

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