Why customer service?

Why customer service?

Are you considering pursuing a career in Customer Service? Are you questioning whether it is a beneficial job position? 

Working in customer service can, actually, be extremely rewarding! 

Let me explain.

Customer service is for many people considered a “backup career” because customer support reps can enter the industry with any experience level and background. In fact, to succeed in a position like this you will need to have or to develop many soft skills and these professional skills you will advance in this field can be applied to any career you pursue!

Reasons to Work in Customer Support

1. You develop your emotional intelligence

You’ll be helping customers solve a variety of different problems, which could have a huge impact on their personal or professional life. Your ability to empathise, being an active listener and finally a problem-solver will be critical to build a good relationship with customers and get the information you need to help them.

You will also need to show self-regulation to calmly and effectively de-escalate customers so you can better assist them, without losing your motivation. These are important characteristics to have even as an individual, not only an employee.

2. You build skills for your next career steps

Working with customers will teach you exactly how customers think.  You can use this knowledge and experience if you decide to move into sales and people might be more interested in closing a deal with you. 

Also, product knowledge is incredibly valuable for Marketing, too. Either for product and market research or managing social media support channels, in-depth product expertise and strong communication skills could help you land a role on your marketing team. In addition, if you know the product inside and out, you might be able to build it, too. You will have the knowledge of the product’s weaknesses and opportunities by discussing with everyday users and testers so you will be an expert on how it could develop further.

3. You learn how to be an effective problem solver

Whether it’s a quick fix or a multi-step process, every customer problem will require creative thinking, people skills, and expertise to solve.

The ability to solve problems quickly, effectively, and diplomatically is critical for any job there is, customer support or not. You will learn to prioritise, project manage, and resolve conflicts, skills required if you want to earn promotions, manage a team, and use your influence and expertise to achieve your goals.

4. You master different communication mediums

Many customer service teams require working on different support channels. 

You’ll be exposed to channels which will help you master digital communication, such as Email, Phone, Live Chat, Social Media, Community Forum etc.

Understanding how to communicate effectively on these platforms will help you keep it professional and work on your relationships with people you may not have met in person.

5. You are a part of a diverse team

Being exposed to a variety of different personalities, cultures and mindsets can help you find solutions to problems that you might not know they exist. It can also change your opinion on an issue after looking at it from an angle that you hadn’t considered before. These are situations where you challenge your perspective and board your mind!

6. It is a Job for any background and for any level of experience

You can actually get a customer support job regardless of what you studied or whether you have a past working experience. In customer service there are people from different sectors with different levels of expertise. You can work your way up by practising on your soft skills and eventually becoming better than people who were in the market far longer than you, while also being rewarded along the way with monthly performance bonuses!

There are no discriminations or limits to how far you can go!

7. Your work matters extremely

Customer service is truly the differentiating factor between a company that fails and one that succeeds. It makes the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal customer that keeps returning to the brand. Knowing that you’ll have such a big, real-world impact is one of the greatest perks of working in customer support!

Now that you’re convinced why you should pursue a customer service job, let’s take a look at the customer service careers that are available to you.

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