What does it mean to be a Digital Nomad in Greece?

What does it mean to be a Digital Nomad in Greece?

The Digital Nomad community has been expanded the last few years, after becoming a need during the pandemic. Many people, who mostly use technology and their job doesn’t require their physical appearance, have chosen this way of living. Also the digital nomads in Greece have increased significantly in the past years, because Greece is not only for holidays!

What a digital nomads are looking for, even though they visit several places around the world, is a base that will feel like home, and Greece is a great choice for that! People who meet Greece, are falling in love with the hospitality, the culture, the FOOD.

People make you feel welcomed, inviting you to their houses, stopping you to offer you a drink or a “meze” (food bites).

In addition, the country combines tradition, history and modernism with a cost of living that is lower than in most of the countries of the western world.

The outstanding landscape, amazing weather conditions, easiness of communicating in English, hospitality, reasonable apartment rental costs and a variety of places to see, whether you like the mountains or the beach, are what make digital nomads move in Greece.

Follow the trend and benefit from this opportunity!

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